1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 12.5.12

    1. An Open Letter to Das Racist From Sacha Jenkins.
    ego trip and Mass Appeal’s SHR salutes the DR3 in the wake of this past week’s break-up announcement.
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    2. WIDEawake Death Row Records Reportedly Being Sold In Wake Of Parent Company’s Bankruptcy.
    Stranded on Chapter 11? By Steven J. Horowitz.
    [ HipHopDX ]

    3. R.I.P. Austin Peralta.
    Remembering the life and work of Austin Peralta – the 22-year-old keyboardist, jazz musician and Brainfeeder associate who sadly passed away just before Thanksgiving. By Matthew Duersten.
    [ Los Angeles Magazine ]

    4. Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Infamous 20/20 Segment on Rap Music.
    Ed Piskor’s latest graphic novel panels focus on 20/20 ‘s 1981 segment on hip-hop – the first national TV piece on the burgeoning movement from out the Bronx.
    [ Boing Boing ]

    5. Louis C.K., America’s (New) Dad.
    Forget Cosby. “If you want a picture of America’s Dad in 2012, look at the bald, bearded, befuddled figure of Louis CK: comedian, writer, actor, aspiring misanthrope, and endlessly earnest single dad.” By Ken Gordon.
    [ The Atlantic ]

    6. VINYL SCOUT: Joe’s Record Paradise.
    Records, records, records in Silver Springs, MD. By Harold Stallworth.
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    7. The Spatter Pattern: Does All The Good Television Have To Be So Bloody?
    “I will watch Walter White kill and perhaps even be killed, and I’m certainly grateful to have him. But I long for more brilliant television with the same vibrancy and creativity and talent that gives me those personal stories without the part where I have to watch people shot, stabbed, raped, eaten, beaten, and dissolved in acid.” By Linda Holmes.
    [ NPR ]

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