1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 12.11.13


    (Photo: Blaise Cepis/ANIMAL New York)

    1. COST Is Up.
    “I am very proud that REVS and I hold this position which no one else holds,” graf icon Adam “COST" says. “We bridged the gap between street art and graffiti.” By Bucky Turco & Marina Galperina.
    [ ANIMAL ]

    2. Richard Dedeaux Dies at 73; Member of Watts Prophets Spoken-Word Group.
    The man who penned "I Remember Watts" and once challenged Muhammad Ali to "a poetry fight" has passed away. By David Colker.
    [ LA Times ]

    3. A Pioneer of Rap Music Craves 9-to-5 Stability.
    Lamar Augustus Hill, better known as L.A. Sunshine from The Treacherous Three, has battled drug addiction and financial woes. By Kassie Bracken.
    [ NY Times ]

    4. The King of Bounce Beat: How Polo Brought Go-Go Into the 21st Century.
    "With his small frame and heavy voice, Polo was the maestro of a beat so relentless that it could knock listeners out of reality, allowing them to focus on nothing but the music. Bounce fans loved him for it." By Sarah Godfrey.
    [ Washington City Paper ]

    5. Rap Draft with UpNorthTrips (’90s Edition).
    Ev Boogie picks his Dream Team. By Daniel Isenberg.
    [ Nah Right ]

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    • ri067953

      Someone on the Rap Draft article has to do their research. They said Death Certificate was recorded with the Bomb Squad. Not true, Sir Jinx and the Boogiemen handled the production