1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 1.10.14


    (Photo: Kim Hiorthoy)

    1. Update: Neneh Cherry.
    The vocalist speaks on working with Four Tet on her new solo LP and her outlook on making music. “I have this sense of feeling quite calm and settled in what I'm doing right now, but also a sense of urgency.” By Lindsay Zoladz.
    [ Pitchfork ]

    2. Amiri Baraka, Polarizing Poet and Playwright, Dies at 79.
    Major force in the Black Arts was no stranger to controversy. By Margalit Fox.
    [ NY Times ]

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill Team With Rapper Q-Tip For Hip-Hop Drama Series.
    TV program to draw inspiration from the early days of ATCQ and Native Tongues. By Nellie Andreeva.
    [ Deadline ]

    4. 10 Tips For Getting The Party Started Right.
    DJ Rob Swift lends his expertise on how to read the crowd and deal with annoying requests.
    [ DJ Rob Swift ]

    5. Gray's Papaya: One is the Onliest Number.
    Hot dog spot near old Fat Beats location got bit by greedy rent spike. By Zachary Feldman.
    [ Village Voice ]

    6. "Cock" Means "Vagina." Let Us Explain.
    If the Snoop lyric, "When I bust my nut, I'm raisin' up off the cock," ever confused you, be confused no more. By Ben Westhoff.
    [ LA Weekly ]

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      bad pic of neneh cherry, she look like she got male pattern baldness.thing on her top. lol

      happy new year Ego Trip.

      still my fave blog.