1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.4.16

    (Photo: Chad Batka/ The New York Times)

    Loss Haunts A Tribe Called Quest’s First Album in 18 Years.
    Recorded just before the death of Phife Dawg, We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service is heavy with his presence: “It’s so hard for me to sit in there and hear his voice,” Q-Tip said. “Sometimes I just have to like take a break and walk away. It doesn’t necessarily get sad, it just gets heavy. I literally feel the energy from him when I hear his voice.” By Touré
    [ New York Times ]

    ‘These Officers Saved My Life’: Rap Icon Kurtis Blow Recovering After Collapse at Bus Stop.
    He collapsed on Saturday outside a mall in Los Angeles. By Jonathan Lloyd
    [ NBC ]

    Danny Brown on the Music That Made Him.
    “I lost that job to stay home and listen to Nas. It was the best decision I made in my life.” By Sheldon Pearce
    [ Pitchfork ]

    Sir Jinx Speaks About Keeping The Production On Ice Cube’s Death Certificate True To The Game.
    “At some point, I wanted to speed the record up by making it dynamic—you know, puttin’ magic tricks in it—and people love that.” By Jake Paine
    [ AFH ]

    20 Years of Funcrusher : Looking Back on Company Flow, the Mad Geniuses of Underground Rap.
    El-P: “We were just sucking up everything that we loved and were getting into. The rawer it was, the more interesting it was for us. So it was really just this garbage dump of everything we were thinking and everything we felt that was funny or fucked up, and we just tried to fit it into the scope of this real grimy, raw shit.” By Ron Hart
    [ Noisey ]

    Remembering RZA & Wu-Tang Clan’s Stolen Classic Album Moments.
    Reseraching the flood that destroyed a whole catalog of beats meant for Wu albums. By Gino Sorcinelli
    [ HipHopDX ]

    E-40 & Seaside Stretch Remember Mac Dre For The Legend He Was.
    “I could never talk bad about Mac Dre…I had too much respect for him as an artist and as a man overall…” By Jake Rohn
    [ HipHopDX ]

    Karriem Riggins Interviews.
    By Zo/ Max Weinstein / DanMichael Reyes
    [ OKP ]
    [ XXL ]
    [ Revive ]

    A-Trak Talks 10 Years Of Remixing And Why Remix Deals Need To Change.
    “…the efficiency of the remix as a tool to put your name on the map, it compensates for the fact that we as remixers don’t really make that much money off the remix.” By Hugh McIntyre
    [ Forbes ]

    Corporate sales video for Prince’s Paisley Park Studio from the early 1990s.
    From the period in which the facilities were being touted as an ambitious hub for music and video production. By Martin Schneider
    [ Dangerous Minds ]

    Sun Ra Arkestra’s Marshall Allen & Danny Thompson Lecture (Montréal 2016).
    Avant-garde multi-instrumentalists speak about their cosmic journeys. By Chairman Mao
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

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