1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 11.25.12


    1. Ranking Rap Shoes.
    You know they got sole, but how cool are these rappers and the shoes they are associated with? By Shea Serrano.
    [ Four Pins ]

    2. "I Thought He Was a Messenger": Making Stevie Wonder's Talking Book .
    Producer Robert Margouleff recalls his experiences - both joyous and frustrating - recording a classic. By Chris Williams.
    [ The Atlantic ]

    3. A Brief History of Restaurants Run By Rappers.
    From Chico Bling's taco truck to Doug E. Fresh's chicken and waffles spot, here are some of the notable hip-hop eateries. By Hannah Norwick.
    [ First We Feast ]

    4. Rape, Race And The Press, Entangled In Central Park .
    A review of Ken Burns' devastating documentary film on the young men falsely convicted in the "Central Park Jogger" rape case of 1989, which screens this weekend in Harlem. By Mark Jenkins.
    [ NPR ]

    5. The 17 Most Hated On Rappers (Right Now).
    All the rappers you can't stand all in one place. By David Drake.
    [ Complex ]

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