1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.21.14

    (The only existing photo of Big Bank Hank and Grandmaster Caz, taken by Joe Conzo in Crotona Park, Bronx, July 2004)

    1. Making Peace With Big Bank Hank.
    Grandmaster Caz in his own words about the controversy of his rhymes being used in “Rapper’s Delight” and the passing of an old friend and their strained relationship.
    [ Cuepoint ]

    2. Chuck D on Making Public Enemy’s Rarely Heard, Game-Changing B-Sides.
    PE leader on the Nation of Millions and Fear of a Black Planet reissues and why the b-side wins…again. By Christopher R. Weingarten.
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    3. A Conversation with Wendy Day (Pt. 1).
    The Rap Coalition founder speaks about the multi-million dollar record deals she helped make for Cash Money and No Limit, what “2pac planned for his next album, the time Freddie Foxxx put a gun to Birdman’s head in public, 50 Cent crushing Young Buck, and a possible collaboration between Slick Rick and Kendrick Lamar.” By Jimmy Ness.
    [ Nah Right ]

    4. Amen, Brother: Breakbeat Lou and The Legacy of Ultimate Breaks and Beats .
    Lou on the impact of Street Beat Records’ important breakbeat series: “…We kept introducing the digging aspect into the culture, our records became what everybody was waiting for to sample for their next record to create their own thing. To the point where I had guys like Mantronix, when I’m in the studio editing volume whatever, they’re saying, ‘Make sure you tell Lenny [Roberts] I want to buy the first test pressing.’” By Sweeney Kovar.
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    5. DJ Hollywood: The Original King of New York.
    The life and times of a true hip-hop pioneer. By Mark Skillz
    [ Cuepoint ]

    6. The Mighty V.I.C. – The Unkut Interview
    In this 2008 meeting, “V.I.C. discusses how he began interning as a recording engineer at Power Play in the late ’80s before joining The Beatnuts and working with Godfather Don under the Groove Merchantz banner and later recruiting Mike Heron to create the Ghetto Pros.” ( Unkut Book coming soon.) By Robbie Ettelson
    [ Unkut ]

    7. Meet PHADE of the Legendary Shirt Kings.
    Shirt King founder on painting trains and starting an iconic clothing brand. By Bucky Turco.
    [ ANIMAL ]

    8. Ras Kass & Apollo Brown: Rage Against The Machine.
    Ras Kass: “We have a country: ‘Land of the free, home of the brave,’ and I love being an American, but this is also, ‘Land of the thief, home of the slave.’” By Jake Paine.
    [ Arena ]

    9. 12 Important Life Lessons Gleaned From Kool Keith’s Twitter Account.
    If you don’t follow Black Elvis on social media, here is some of what you been missing. By Phillip Mlynar.
    [ Village Voice ]

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