1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.2.12

    1. M.F. Doom: My Adventures Shooting the Supervillain….
    What was it like shooting two music videos in one weekend for DOOM’s Operation Doomsday as an NYU undergrad? Filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough remembers the time.

    [ The Daily Swarm ]

    2. Norton Records Warehouse Takes Massive Hit From Sandy.
    Beloved rock n’ roll reissue label and distributor of other labels and printed material suffers major flooding at its Red Hook HQ.
    [ Village Voice ]

    3. In the Time Since Dr. Dre’s Detox Was Announced…
    #6: “Ferdinand Magellan’s crew could have sailed around the world three times… using boats from the year 1519.” Yeah, you could say it’s taking a while.
    [ Pigeons & Planes ]

    4. Sean Price: “Cornell West Is the Devil.”
    Read this article and see if you don’t come to the realization that Sean Price just might be this era’s new Ghostface – at least as far as current pop-cult hero status goes. Don’t say we ain’t said it first.
    [ Village Voice ]

    5. Wan Joon Kim of Cycadelic Records Helped Gangsta Rappers Start.
    Meet the North Korean merchant from the Compton Fashion Center swap meet who helped put CPT gangsta rap on the map – by selling it when no one else would. “Most of my customers were the gang-bangers and drug dealers, so I built a friendship with them,” says the now-frail 79-year-old. “They were good to me as I was good to them.”
    [ LA Times ]

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