1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.18.11

    1. Hip-Hop DX Book Review: J-Zone’s Root For the Villain .
    “One of the best and most sincere autobiographies Hip Hop has ever witnessed.” Now buy the book, fools!
    [ Hip Hop DX ]

    2. World’s Douchiest DJ’s: The Top Five.
    Haterade – such an evil yet addictive elixir.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    3. American Zoetrope: In a Galaxy Not Far From Hollywood…
    A look back at Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas’ ill-fated studio collab (b. 1969). “Excess, hubris, majestic ideals and brilliant innovation, all mired in recurrent financial chaos” – what coincidence, our motto too!
    [ The Guardian ]

    4. Rent Lady Gaga’s Former Lower East Side Apartment.
    The one-bedroom, 3rd floor walk-up on Stanton St. can yours for $1,850/month. Seems pricey, but we hear the fridge doubles as a closet for meat garments.
    [ Spin ]

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