1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 11.16.12


    Every Food Reference on Action Bronson's New Album Rare Chandeliers .
    Sample size: "Caught a statutory rape 'cause the steak wasn't mature." By Phillip Mlynar.
    [ Village Voice ]

    Xzibit Carries the Weight.
    X to the Z on rap life post- Pimp My Ride : "People perceive me as this jokey Internet meme and when they treat me like that in person, sometimes I shit on them." By Jeff Weiss.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    The Control Center: Marley Marl Radio Tapes from 1985-89.
    Some hip-hop history is a few clicks away.
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    Three Signs You Should Not Be Writing About Rap Music.
    Advice for those just getting into the rap writing game, "which is chock full of falsehoods, assumptions based on lack of context, mild racism and a general misunderstanding of the music and the culture." By Skinny Friedman.
    [ Vice ]

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