1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 11.14.12


    1. The Many Crazy Sides of Metta World Peace.
    Yesterday was The Basketball Player Formerly Known As Ron Artest's 33rd birthday. Belatedly celebrate QB's finest's special day with some even more special images.
    [ Complex ]

    2. Beat Construction: Roc Marciano.
    Known for inventive street imagery, Marcberg is also recognized for his production. Here he retraces his first steps in making tracks, what he admires about Pete Rock, and confesses the love he's got for his MP. By Noz.
    [ The Fader ]

    3. Our 15 Favorite 9th Wonder Beats.
    Tracks for Little Brother, Jay-Z and Rapsody made the cut. Find out which other productions rated. By David Reyneke.
    [ Potholes In My Blog ]

    4. Yale Graduates Seek a Hip-Hop Degree.
    Are the Rap Genius creators doing hip-hop a service or are they "slumming"? By Joshua Brustein.
    [ New York Times ]

    5. Lessons From a Legend: Too $hort on Pimping, Surviving Controversy, and Living vs. Dying.
    "[O]nce you achieve your goals and you get to where you want to be, then you gotta work harder than you ever worked. And that’s the secret. It’s to work harder after you make it." Words of wisdom from Todd Shaw. By Shad Reed.
    [ All Hip Hop ]

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