1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.11.11


    1. For Birthplace of Hip-Hop, New Life.
    Great news! The housing property at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in Bronx — where Kool Herc basically inaugurated this cultural contribution called “hip hop” has been spared from foreclosure. Cristal, anyone?
    [New York Times]

    2. Highbro/Lowbro: On Harold & Kumar.
    Hua Hsu on the brohannons doobie.

    3. Heavy D, As Remembered by Questlove.
    Questo’s long and winding (and humorous and heartfelt) memory of meeting the Hev-ster.

    4. Are These the 10 Heaviest Albums Ever Made?
    From Sleep to Slayer to The White Album, the editors of Kerrang! present their picks. Rawk on!
    [The Guardian]

    5. McRib Conspiracy Theories.
    Dissecting precisely when and why McDonald’s cult pork product comes and goes. Personally, we don’t touch the stuff… no pork on our fork! (Unless it’s Chinese sausage – pause. Damn, that shit is good. Or just bacon in general. Can’t front on bacon, really.)
    [The Awl]

    6. Fat Joe’s Letter to Big Pun on His 40th Birthday.
    Joey Crack with some words for his beloved twin.

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