1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 11.10.12

    1. 10 Best Videos of Rappers Getting Punched During Battles.
    Rappers R N Danja! Word to KRS-One. By Khal.
    [ Pigeons & Planes ]

    2. Interview: Anton Pukshansky.
    Some truly great stories from “Adam Ant Anton” (as he was called by Organized Konfusion) – the Russian-born engineer/producer who mixed and played on many a classic by Main Source, Kool G Rap, Eric B. & Rakim, Grand Puba and more. By Andreas Vingaard.
    [ Other Sounds ]

    3. Rap Legend Scarface Plays Terminal 5.
    Schedule to hit the stage this past week in midtown Manhattan for his first ever solo show in NYC, our main man Brad Jordan took time to talk about the end of his Rap-A-Lot reign, what he learned from Pink Floyd, and to why he credits his English teachers for “My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks On Me.” By Jesse Serwer.
    [ Time Out ]

    4. Doing Drugs, Lots of Drugs, With Myka 9.
    Whether trippin’ on DMT at the beach, smoking joints with strangers, or copping blow at a speakeasy (all in one night, mind you), it’s never a dull moment chillin’ with the Freestyle Fellowship emcee. By Danielle Bacher.
    [ L.A. Weekly ]

    5. Rappers Rob Studio After Recording Song.
    In Maryland, a pair of rappers lay down a track called “Larry Hoover,” then promptly rob everyone in the studio. Now police are after the suspects using the song as their biggest clue. By Pat Collins.
    [ MSNBC ]

    6. Behind the Tech That Makes Vinyl So Special.
    Technologically speaking, why does vinyl’s sonic pull inspire such devotion from some listeners? And does it even matter in an age of often shoddy mastering and shoddier sound systems? Throw ya hands in the air and waveforms like ya just don’t care. By Harry Sword.
    [ Humans Invent ]

    7. I DJ’ed Barack Obama’s Election Night Party: A Chat with DJ Mel.
    Some tunes from the Austin selector’s set: George Benson “Love X Love,” Teena Marie “Square Biz,” and appropriately enough, Shalamar “Second Time Around.” By Puja Patel.
    [ Stereogum ]

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