1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 11.1.13


    1. Interview: Soulshock.
    Long before the Danish producer was making hits for Usher, he was making dope hip-hop remixes. By Jesper Jensen.
    [ Other Sounds ]

    2. 10 Awkward Lou Reed Interview Moments.
    Rock legend not only made great music, but made journalists nervous. R.I.P. Lou. By Cristen Tilley.
    [ ABC.Net ]

    3. Celebrating 25 Years of ‘The Great Adventures of Slick Rick’: A Tribute By Bill Adler.
    Evaluating MC Ricky D's under appreciated classic.
    [ Miss Info ]

    4. The Things They Buried: On Cybotron's Embattled Techno Sci-Fi Masterpiece, Enter .
    Dave Tompkins on "a 1983 dispatch from Detroit and/or Vietnam and/or outer space."
    [ Spin ]

    5. The History of Horrorcore.
    From the Geto Boys to the Flatlinerz. By Chaz Kangas.
    [ Village Voice ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • nevar

      ahh that lou reed interview with the Australian media is just classic. Australian music press up to, well these days... suck at research in general and just plain handling artists who aren't colour by numbers. the 50 drug questions was brilliant way to start an interview with an artist notoriously difficult with the press but then finishing off with 'to put it bluntly... are you a homosexual?' was classic

      Lou should of said 'of course, thats why I spent all that time on Lexington and 125 waiting for my man'

      still it sucks... another one of my list drunks & junkie heroes has kicked it, if it had to be then why couldn't it of been before that fucking metallica collab

      have good one
      nev il-pinto