1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 10.25.13

    1. Jay Z Petitioned To End Barneys Partnership Amid Racial Profiling Controversy.
    After two Black shoppers accuse the high-end retailer of discrimination, Jay Z has to make a choice. By Rob Markman.
    [ MTV ]

    2. OutKast Songs You Might Not Know (But Should).
    “15 of the best under-the-radar OutKast cuts to ever be recorded.” By Max Weinstein.
    [ Pigeons & Planes ]

    3. Video Vault: 10 Classic In Living Color Performances.
    Comedy show not known just for laughs. Relive vintage performances by Public Enemy, Grand Puba, Gang Starr and more. By Daniel Isenberg.
    [ Nah Right ]

    4. ALL CAPS, ALC RAPS – (Alchemist 36th Birthday Mix).
    In honor of Alan The Chemist’s birfday, UNT’s in-house DJ, UNITED CRATES, put together a mix of the producer’s hottest verses. (Click the Soundcloud link on the page to listen.)
    [ Up North Trips ]

    5. Vingtage Vision: Bad Boy Turns 20.
    With the launch of Revolt this week, here’s a look back at the heyday of Puff Daddy’s label. By Michael A. Gonzales.
    [ Ebony ]

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