1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 10.19.12

    1. Brain Rot: Hip-Hop Family Tree, Bambaataa’s Jazzy Sensation, and Rick Rubin plays CBGB’s.
    Graphic novel goodness: Afrika Bambaataa and Arthur Baker get super Soul Sonic with Tommy Boy Records. Meanwhile downtown, a young Rick Rubin performs with his band, The Pricks. By Ed Piskor.
    [ Boing Boing ]

    2. Chris Elliott Gets a Life.
    Comedic genius/cult hero reflects on Letterman, Get a Life , “what pissed people off so much” about Cabin Boy , and his new “unauthorized autobiography,” The Guy Under the Sheets . By Hua Hsu.
    [ Grantland ]

    3. Hall of Game: Record Sales and Digital Scales.
    SoundScan stats and youtube views – antiquated metrics of popularity with Actual Rap Fans? “Now that sales fail to measure anything but some executive’s ability to trick soccer moms and college kids out of their loose change, it’s time to change the talking points.” By Noz.
    [ Pitchfork ]

    4. Incredible Bongo Man: King Errisson, the Percussionist Behind “Apache” — and Motown.
    A primer on the man on whose bongos hip-hop’s national anthem was built. By Jesse Serwer.
    [ Large Up ]

    5. Organize Dat!
    Gun talk dominates an uneasy vignette from the Sevens Clash crew’s adventures in Kingston.
    [ Sevens Clash ]

    6. The Definitive Sartorial Evolution Of Murphy Lee.
    The most in-depth analysis of the St. Lunatic style icon’s fashion choices ever committed to the Interwebz or just about anywhere else. Just because. By John Lugg.
    [ Four Pins ]

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