1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 10.12.12

    ART OF THE LP: Making The Album Cover (Literally).
    “Tip ons” vs. “direct-to-board,” laser cut obis, and other album cover manufacturing nuances explained on a visit to a music packaging plant. By Oliver Wang.
    [ KCET ]

    In Haiti, Little Can Be Found of a Hip-Hop Artist’s Charity.
    Debt, unfinished projects and broken promises plague Wyclef Jean’s Yéle charity for Haiti earthquake relief. Ex: $30,000 spent for a private jet to fly Lindsay Lohan from New Jersey to a benefit in Chicago that raised only $66,000. By Deborah Sontag.
    [ New York Times ]

    RZA Breaks Down The Man With the Iron Fists Soundtrack.
    The producer/visionary on his reaction to hearing Danny Brown for the first time, the importance of having all of the Wu on the album (including ODB’s son), and how the film opens with a remix of an old Clan classic. Bong bong. By Daniel Isenberg
    [ Complex ]

    Dark Days – Life in Crack City.
    Before it was known as Hamilton Heights, the lower middle class ‘hood between Harlem and Washington Heights was where author Michael A. Gonzales called home — a home hit hard by the crazy crack trade of the ’80s.
    [ The Weeklings ]

    Hodgy Beats On the New MellowHype Album, and Why He Dislikes Reporters.
    OF’s Hodgy & Left Brain make music that’s “either dirty and gritty as fuck or beautiful.” By Dan Hyman.
    [ L.A. Weekly ]

    SST Records Legend and Music Scribe Joe Carducci on His New Book and Throwing Sonic Youth’s Cassette Into the Demo Pile in 1985.
    Also discussed: old vs. new media, why L.A. punk was superior to New York punk, and not getting beat up at hardcore gigs despite looking like “a hippie.” By Brad Cohan.
    [ Village Voice ]

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