1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 10.10.14


    (Madlib photo: Jimmy Mould/ Art: Jeff Jank / Fresh Kid Ice Photo: Christopher Mitchell)

    1. Cover Story: Madlib Interview (ft. DOOM).
    DOOM on Madvillainy 2 : "We got a lot of songs done. Two or three more songs and it’s wrapped up.” By kidkanevil.
    [ Bonafide ]

    2. Chatting With The Chinaman: 2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice On Being Trini + Miami Bass.
    Chris Wong-Won on being Black, Chinese and Trini – and a soldier for free speech. By Jesse Serwer.
    [ LargeUp ]

    3. El-P Has One Explanation For Meow The Jewels Album: “Marijuana.”
    Charity LP made of cat sounds almost a reality. “I saw it as an opportunity to possibly do something good in the stupidest way possible,” says El. By Ariana Bacle.
    [ Entertainment Weekly ]

    4. Unsanctioned, Uncurated And Underground: NYC’s Hidden Graffiti Gallery.
    "Getting in is no easy feat — through a hatch on a busy street, like Alice in Wonderland, scrambling along a ladder quickly enough to be swallowed up by the city unnoticed to end up in this abandoned subway station — a breathtaking, mystical space in Lower Manhattan.” By Alexis Janine.
    [ ANIMAL ]

    5. The Primer: 10 Sean Price Songs Everyone Should Know.
    Are these the Bar-barian’s best cuts? Decide for yourself. By Derz.
    [ The Smoking Section ]

    6. How Hip-Hop Got Its Name.
    The origins of the phrase go deeper than Sugarhill Gang. By Jeff Chang.
    [ Cue Point ]

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