1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 1.31.14

    (Photo: by Peter Beste)

    1. Houston Rap: Photographs by Peter Beste.
    A glimpse at the photographer’s show at HVW8 Gallery, running now until February 16th.
    [ HVW8 ]

    2. Brent Rollins’ 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the ‘90s.
    Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday made the list. Find out what other LP artwork made it. By Richard “Treats” Dryden.
    [ Complex ]

    3. The Top 20 Rap Remixes of 1994.
    Large Pro and Buckwild were gettin’ busy in ’94. By Daniel Isenberg.
    [ Nah Right ]

    4. 21st Century Breaks: Hip Hop’s New Source Of Soul Samples.
    Neal Sugarman, JJ Whitefield , and Sam Beaubien on the resurgence of “modern breaks.” By Jay Balfour.
    [ HipHopDX ]

    5. Recent Adds 1/14.
    Noz tracks down new rap songs that terrestrial radio across the country have started playing.
    [ Cocaine Blunts ]

    (Photo: by Peter Beste via HVW8 )

    (Photo: by Peter Beste via HVW8 )

    (Photo: by Peter Beste via HVW8 )

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