1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 1.30.13


    1. Jonathan Shecter a/k/a Shecky Green: The Unkut Interview.
    Replica Oakleys Co-founder of The Source and man about Las Vegas takes a trip down memory lane, recalling his days as a fledgling rapper in BMOC, and the early days of "The Bible of Hip-Hop." By Robbie.
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    Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Oakleys 2. Rising Postal Rates Squeeze Small Record Labels.
    It now costs $17-18 to send an LP to the UK. It costs $12 to send a 45 overseas thanks to the new USPS rates. Bad news for small labels. Very bad news.
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    3. 10 Essentials: Eddie Huang.
    Oakley Sunglasses Cheap The Baohaus big cheese, Dipset PhD, Human Panda and now bigtime author discusses his favorite attire, music, junk food, films and vaporizer.
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    4. Rodriguez Weighs Potential Third Album. Fake Oakleys
    Detroit cult singer/songwriter and subject of the acclaimed Searching For Sugar Man documentary apparently has some more material in the vaults. By Patrick Flanary.
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    5. Macdougal Street Homesick Blues.
    Joel Coen on the forthcoming Inside Llewyn Davis , a story set amidst the folk scene of 1960s Greenwich Village. Bob Dylan is in it. Sort of. By Michael Cieply.
    [ NY Times ]

    Knockoff Oakleys 6. M.F. Grimm: The Unkut Interview Part II. Fake Oakley Sunglasses
    One more from Unkut. Percy Carey recalls battling DMX, missing out on his spot on “Live At The BBQ,” the reels to recordings that went missing after he was shot and more. By Robbie.
    [ Unkut ]

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