1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 1.3.14


    1. What Has John Cusack Been Up To? Answer: Writing Graffiti, Making Macaulay Culkin Clothing & Obsessing Over Tupac.
    Since this past Summer, the actor and painter David Choe have been on a mission to spread the legend of the Culkin Christ [start listening about 35 min. in]. Peep the crazy photos from the @CusackShakur Instagram account. By Gaby Dunn.
    [ Daily Dot & Slam X Hype ]

    2. 20 Years Ago, De La Soul Refused To Go Pop.
    Well, 20 years ago and a few months. Revisiting De La's third LP, Buhloone Mindstate , which according to Posdnuos, "[is] just like an incense that burns slowly, and even after it's finished burning, the smell and what it has left is still there, as opposed to something that's coming in and blowing up, and then when it blows up, it's kind of over." By Oliver Wang.
    [ NPR ]

    3. Big Ghost Ltd & Okayplayer Present…The FOHest Moments of 2013.
    Miley Cyrus' tomfoolery, Drake's overzealous Wu tributes, LL's "Accidental Racist" trainwreck, and other moments from last year that made Big Ghost say, "Get the f*ck outta here."
    [ OKP ]

    4. MC Serch Is Getting a Daytime Talk Show.
    More details on his return to TV. By Eskay.
    [ Nah Right ]

    5. Unlicensed To Ill.
    Bootleg rap and R&B vinyl is thriving. By Leor Galil.
    [ Chicago Reader ]

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