1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 1.24.14

    (Photo: © 2014, Los Angeles Times)

    1. Today is a ‘Good Day’ Thanks to Fundraiser, Ice Cube, Goodyear.
    About $20,000 is raised for A Place Called Home, a South L.A. charity that works to provide at-risk youth with a positive family environment after a campaign to get a popular Ice Cube lyric on a blimp takes off. By Samantha Schaefer.
    [ Los Angeles Times ]

    2. Mixtape Memories: 20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts.
    “Rise & Fall,” “The Foulness” joints, the original version of “John Blaze,” and other selections make the list. By Daniel Isenberg.
    [ Nah Right ]

    3. The Secret Double Life of Mister Cee, Hip-Hop’s Most Beloved DJ.
    After high profile arrests for incidents involving transgender prostitutes, the veteran radio personality tries to come to terms with his personal life. “That’s the point that I’m at now: What do I want? Where am I at? Now that it’s out in the open—everybody knows, I know—where am I going from here?” By Zach Baron.
    [ GQ ]

    4. Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Earliest Rap TV Shows.
    Michael Holman brings hip-hop into your living room. By Ed Piskor.
    [ Boing Boing ]

    5. Sir Ibu: The Unkut Interview.
    On the making of and impact of “Holy War (Live),” the scrapped project with Rakim, and battling rivals with a young ODB as his beatbox. By Robbie Ettelson.
    [ Unkut ]

    6. Hate Me Now: What It’s Like To Be A Grammy Voter.
    “That’s when I came to truly grasp why the Grammys tend to fail.” Organizational secrets revealed. By Rob Kenner.
    [ Complex ]

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