1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 1.23.13

    1. The Worst MLK Day Weekend Party Flyers.
    Club promoters turn Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream into a nightmare. By Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins.
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    2. Why Mac Miller Owes Lord Finesse 10 Million Dollars.
    Probably one of the more enlightening explanations of copyright laws with regards to this case as we’ve read yet. Any legal eagles out there concur or disagree? By Sean Jewell.
    [ The Stranger – Line Out ]

    3. MF Grimm: The Unkut Interview Part 1.
    NYC underground rapper recalls rollin’ with King Sun, battling Supernatural and how he learned how to rhyme by reading Edgar Allan Poe. By Robbie.
    [ Unkut ]

    4. Wack vs. Whack: Wack.
    The “H” is finally silent. By Hamilton Nolan.
    [ Gawker ]

    5. Lupe Fiasco: Art, Propaganda, and the Anti-Obama Rant.
    “Like many public stands Fiasco has made, this experiment in revolutionary theater wasn’t particularly effective. Rather than a righteous stand against injustice, the stunt only served to marginalize him further.” By David Drake.
    [ Complex ]

    6. A Battle for the Best Chappelle’s Show Sketch Ever.
    Starts with a field of 64. Cannot front on the Final Four. And the winner is… methodically chosen by self-described “PhD in ‘Ashy Larry,'” Rembert Browne.
    [ Grantland ]

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