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    The Pharcyde Look Back at 20 Years of "Passin' Me By."
    Memories of making a beloved rap tune: "We ended up renting The Doors . We were on shrooms or some shit, all wigged out watching Val Kilmer transform into Jim Morrison, and right after, Fatlip walks into the booth and starts screaming like Morrison: 'She keeps on passin' me by!'"
    By Chris Martins.
    [ Spin ]

    Golden Boy CEO: No Animosity With 50 Over New Venture.
    It looks like 50 Cent is getting into the boxing promotion business with his buddy pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. Round 1: 50 taunts ex-boxer-turned-promoter Oscar De La Hoya on El Twitter. By Rick Reeno.
    [ Boxing Scene ]

    Singer-Songwriter Rodriguez on New Documentary About His Secret Success.
    The doc does look like it's gonna be good . In the meantime, here's a few words from the man whom Sussex founder Clarence Avant once described this way: "Bob Dylan was mild compared to this guy." By Mike Rubin.
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    12 Illest Dragon Ball Z References in Rap.
    A line on Frank Ocean's new album inspired Gumship to make this list — with some illustrations every hip-hop & DBZ fan should see. (Thank you, Frank Ocean.)
    [ Gumship ]

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