1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 6.29.12

    Illustration: Daniel Fishel

    1. Memoir of a Black Punk.
    “You’re always talking about people I never heard of before,” I confessed. Michael A. Gonzales beautifully captures the awkwardness of his teenaged inauguration into Kafka, Southern Comfort, and early ’80s local Baltimore punk-dom.
    [ City Paper ]

    2. Masta Ace Reveals Eminem Collabo Was Prevented, Explains How He “Took The Lumps” For A$AP Rocky.
    Did you know Marshall Mathers was supposed to appear on Ace’s Disposable Arts ? You do now. Also – how Ace’s Sittin’ On Chrome kinda-sorta paved the way for 50 Cent and A$AP Rocky’s region code free NYC rap. By Paul W. Arnold
    [ HipHopDX ]

    3. Director’s Cut: Killer Mike — “Big Beast.”
    Video co-directors Thomas C. Bingham and Killer Mike on “cannibalism, vigilante justice, car chases, and lots and lots of blood-colored corn syrup.”
    [ Pitchfork ]

    4. Five on the Black Hand Side: Nitekrawler
    D.C. funk/soul expert Nitekrawler reveals five 45s that never leave his box. Hold up – wait a minute… is that a Smokey Robinson & the Miracles record?
    [ Hot Peas & Butta ]

    5. Geechie Dan: The Unkut Interview, Part 1
    Robbie Unkut tracks down a Queens emcee who never made it on wax to share some great stories: on battling a pre-“LL” Cool J and his mysterious hairline, local beef ’round Farmers Blvd., and more.
    [ Unkut ]

    6. Press Play? Hit Start.
    Kerri Mason on the supposed death knell for EDM, and a thoroughly eloquent dissertation on what it is real DJs do. On experiencing Danny Tenaglia sets every week for several years, for instance: “… More often than not – and this is a critical point – WE DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE F*CK WE WERE LISTENING TO. We did not know where one track ended and another began. We did not care to know. We were losing our minds out there. We were in the depths of minimal synthetic despair one hour, brought up by the palpable joy of gospel house the next, then mind-blown by a postcard from the world outside. DT once dropped Truth Hurts’ ‘Addictive’ (it’s hip-hop) and Portishead’s ‘Numb.’ He knew what was going on in music. He made it his business to know, so he could run it through his filter and feed it back to us. That was our deal, our bargain with each other.”
    [ Hot Water Inc. ]

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