1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 6.2.12

    1. Those Shepard Fairey-Designed MCA Billboards? Here’s How They Came to Be.
    How a Beastie Boys fan paid out of his own pocket to get Shepard Fairey and Kaves designed memorials for Adam Yauch (based on Glen E. Friedman photos) up in L.A.
    [ L.A. Weekly ]

    2. A Rapper Finds His Muse in the Stars.
    GZA’s upcoming album, Dark Matter , is droppin’ science. Literally.
    [ Wall Street Journal ]

    3. Interview: The Squirrel From El-P’s New Video “The Full Retard.”
    Mr. Killums speaks. But will fame goes to his head?
    [ Cultist ]

    4. Question in the Form of an Answer: Killer Mike.
    Southern rappers talks cops, preachers, pimps and teachers as well as the making of his stellar R.A.P. Music . Interview by Alex Koenig.
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    5. The Secrets of a High-Quality Vinyl Record.
    Bone up on your LP, 45, record player facts with this nifty guide.
    [ New York Times ]

    6. Introducing Outside the Lines With Rap Genius.
    In-depth audio interview with rapper Jean Grae by RG Editor SameOldShawn. They chop it up about her upcoming album Cake or Death , Jay-Z, Eminem, Louis C.K. & a bit of the old ultraviolence.
    [ Rap Genius ]

    7. Express’ Crazy 90s Guide To “Street Slang.”
    Mall chain store’s primer on ‘hood vocab is off the hook, boo.
    [ The Awl ]

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