1. 10 Names Jay-Z & Kanye West Could Have Chosen That Would Have Actually Been Worse Than “The Throne.”


    Earlier today Jay-Z and Kanye West announced that they’ll be touring together this fall in support of their heavily anticipated, much ballyhooed collab LP, Watch The Throne . The rap superstars also announced that they’ve officially adopted a new name for their partnership, “The Throne.” “ The Throne ”? “THE THRONE”?!? Apart from the fact that it’s totally unnecessary (since you’d think “Jay-Z and Kanye West” carries a little more name recognition) “The Throne” as a name is just bad (unless your goal is to choose something that’s a euphemism for “toilet.”) Still, it could actually be worse. Really. At least they didn’t choose any of the following…

    1. Le Bidet

    2. Yeezy-Z

    3. The Crapper

    4. The Royal Couple

    5. Billionaire Mens Club

    6. Outhaus

    7. The Double U.S. Mint Twins

    8. Janye (Pronounced Zhané)

    9. Va-Jay-Ye

    10. Sonic Bukkake

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://room187.wordpress.com RedNasiL

      LOL.. Number 9 is killin it.
      The Throne sounds lame btw

    • http://bastardswordsman.tumblr.com/ Dart_Adams

      SONIC BUKKAKE? Flex would still drop the bomb on a Sonic Bukkake track. God bless Flex. He dickrides like he's on a Tron light cycle. Or Falcor The Luck Dragon. Either or...

    • http://@_jno_ sergio

      Loooolll!!! This article is HILARIOUS !! Such a stupid idea to take "the throne" as a name. I have much respect for this superstar artists but this name right here is a straight punk move! They could at least have made it a lil funky or original...so wack! How came you take a name la this....#shame

    • Tyrone Fuller

      The Throne needs a plunger.

    • Timmhotep

      Sonic Bukkake for the WIN.

    • http://govillaingo.com J-Zone

      You forgot The Porcelain Gods!

    • egotrip

      Haha, yes, good call, Zone.

    • http://twitter.com/ThatShitCray90 Brian Fuller