1. SEE, HEAR: Organized Konfusion & The UMC’s Rhyming and Freestyling Together (1992).

    This clip is for the true hip-hop heads, a short but lively exchange on Canada’s MuchMusic network between two highly respected groups, the UMC’s and Organized Konfusion. “The Grand Wizard of Rhyme” Kool Kim (known today as NYOIL) sets things off nicely before passing the microphone to Monch, “the Assassinator of Rap,” who blesses viewers with what was then a sneak peek of some of his lyrical madness on OK’s second album, Stress: The Extinction Agenda . Hass G follows dropping a quick Warriors reference before Prince Po closes the show with some honest-to-goodness off-the-tip-top of-his-head rhymes (remember those?).

    (Big up to Thehiphoppodcast for the upload.)

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