1. LINK: Oral History of The Pac Jam, Home of Miami Bass.


    Redbull Music Academy feature by Jesse Serwer including 2 Live Crew , JT Money and more.

    Intro: "….Established in one of Miami’s most neglected areas in the city’s most lawless era, the Pac Jam fostered an environment unimaginable today: A place where kids barely out of middle school hopped up on soda, potato chips and hormones coined dances with names like “Throw the Dick” and the “Toilet Bowl” and where, several times nightly, the Ghetto Style DJs detonated a deafening pipe bomb so explosive it blew open the doors to the venue’s front entrance. Sonically, the club fed Miami’s appetite for low end, bringing the walls of Cerwin-Vega speakers and bass bins from the city’s open air sound system blowouts into a space so tight the walls would sweat. The Pac Jam didn‘t just break Miami Bass records, it literally wrote them: some of the genre‘s most essential tracks come from chants originated here by Ghetto Style, and the kids themselves…"


    Fresh Kid Ice: It was hot as hell on the inside. They’d put 500, 600 people in there, in a club that is supposed to hold 300. That’s why they called it the Pac Jam. There’s no AC in there and they’re dancing hard, so the walls would sweat. Those kids were wild and crazy. Shit, you’d see kids there under 10. They mama just dropped them off with the older sister.

    JT Money: I’m an original Pac Jam Junkie, from day one. The first day when it opened up, I done rode my bike up there, and parked it behind the building—me and my cousin, Slick Sam. I was about 14 or 15. We’d save our money all week to go to the Pac Jam. We went there religiously. That was our home.

    Luther Campbell: There was nothing in Liberty City for the kids. We wanted the kids to have some place where they can go. As the years went on, the audience started getting a little older. Earlier, we would have a matinee for the kids, and something later for the adults. But even with the adult thing, we didn’t have any liquor.

    The Marvelous JP: Everybody that comes to town, they gotta come through the Pac Jam. If they don’t, no blacks [will] even know about them in the city. The Pac Jam crowd was a jamming crowd. Pac Jam people, they come to party. They ain’t come to watch somebody perform. They just came to have a good time.

    Luther Campbell: We used to call it The Apollo South. They were worse than the Apollo. They would look at you crazy, even if you performed right. If they start moving their head, then you got something.

    Kooley C: They would boo your ass as soon as you get on stage. Boo! Boo! Boo! Like, “Damn, the guy didn’t even say nothing.” How I won [the crowd over] was, I had on white pants with a pink shirt and white Adidas with some pink shoelaces. I had 20 or 30 flowers and I would just give them to the girls and talk shit.

    The Marvelous JP: Luke never performed in the Pac Jam. I think he was scared. You had to be on your best, and it will take a whole lot of effort. Scarface came in there, they walked out on him. MC Lyte was in there. She threw Tampax at people and they threw it back at her. You know how people throw out shirts and CDs? If they didn’t like you, they’re gonna throw it back at you.

    JT Money: They would embarrass you: “Such and such, your mama at the front door. Get out there right now!” And they’d get the whole crowd saying, “Bye bye, such and such!” Some of them got dropped off by their parents, and their parents still pick ‘em up. But the party just started, and they don’t want to go, they’re trying to get five more minutes. A lady would come back in and say: “You tell my daughter to get her ass back home.” That always happened.

    Brother Marquis: They would drop these bombs with homemade gunpowder. With the fog. Man, it was amazing. It was this small club, and they’re in there playing with pyro. If you go too far to the left or right, without knowing they’re fitting to ignite that thing, you could get your ass blown up. I was close to it a couple of times. It definitely was a fire hazard. But it was the shit.

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