1. WATCH: Onra "Chinoiseries Pt. 2" Video Trailer.

    WATCH: Onra “Chinoiseries Pt. 2″ Video Trailer.

    Video trailer for Chinoiseries Pt. 2 - Paris-born-n-bred producer Onra's musical (and as the vid illustrates, literal) exploration of his family's South East Asian roots. The original Chinoiseries from 2007 found Onra crafting an entire LP of instrumentals sampled exclusively from his collection of Chinese and Vietnamese records. Hot off the momentum of last year's Long Distance project, Part Deux continues the journey with mo' records, mo' beats. We can't front, this brief sneak peak looks pretty damn cool - at least to those of us living in (*yawn*) New York. Chinoiseries Pt. 2 drops via our friends at All City Records (bubblin' in Dublin) on November 15th.

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