1. PHOTO PREVIEW: Sophie Bramly's "1981 & +" Exhibition.


    Peeps in Paris: an exhibition of French photographer Sophie Bramly's striking images of the early '80s hip-hop scene and downtown NYC opens June 17th at the 12MAIL Gallery. Entitled 1981 & + , the show features a wealth of amazing shots of the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, the Beastie Boys, Futura, Keith Haring, and the coolest dude on the planet, Mr. Fab 5 Freddy (captured above). Those of us unable to hop a jet and hit the opening needn't stress: there is apparently a limited edition book by the same name being released in conjunction with the show, which runs through September 2nd. In the mean time, go here for a sneak preview slide show.

    WHAT: 1981 & + by Sophie Bramly.
    WHERE: 12MAIL Gallery, 12 rue Du Mail, 75002 Paris, France.
    WHEN: June 17th - September 2, 2011.

  2. You might wanna peep...