1. SEE, HEAR: Ol’ Dirty Bastard & RZA Perform at a Talent Show (Circa Early ’90s).

    After seeing this uncensored clip (uploaded in 2006) of an early Wu-Tang spin-off performance, you are sure to miss Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) even more. Ason Unique, who makes the crowd agree with him that the Black man is God, goes buckwild at what appears to be a curse-free talent show. That is until Dirt McGirt brings the foul-mouthed ruckus while RZA introduces their raunchy routine that contains lyrics from ODB’s “Don’t U Know.” If watching this makes you fiend for more Wu action, mosey on down to complex.com and check out “The 100 Best Wu-Tang Clan Songs,” written by ego trip’s Gabriel Alvarez.

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