1. O.P.P. (Other People's Posts) 5.6.11

    1. Vin Diesel rapping in 1986.

    Newly uncovered audio of Mr. Fast and Furious spitting slow and curious over an Arthur Russell track. [ ifc.com ]

    2. Attack of the 50-Ft. Woman 's Yvette Vickers, RIP.

    The former '50s B-movie starlet and Playboy playmate discovered mummified in her Hollywood home this past week. [ nytimes.com ]

    3. The Mystery of "Go the F to Sleep" Solved.

    How Adam Mansbach's kids book for grown ups is scaling Amazon's best selling books chart before it's even been published. [ newyorker.com ]

    4. The Notorious B.I.G. and how his legacy re-defines "sell-out."

    Abridged version of thiz's think piece on B.I.G.'s commercial output; includes a few references to this . [ The Interludes ]

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