1. O.P.P. (Other People’s Posts) 4.15.11

    1. 40 Sad Portraits of Closed Record Stores.
    A cautionary pictorial as national Record Store Day sets off tomorrow.
    [ Buzz Feed ]

    2. 40 Portraits of Independent Record Stores Still Open for Business.
    A somewhat less depressing pictorial than the above. Support your local record store tomorrow!
    [ Buzz Feed ]

    3. Michael Rapaport speaks frankly about A Tribe Called Quest documentary drama.
    MR: “I’m just trying to make a movie that gave the group dignity… It shouldn’t be so much of a pain in my ass.” This, and much more.
    [ Complex ]

    4. Jayne Mansfield’s Hot Pink Beverly Hills Palace.
    Pix of the ’60s Hollywood sex symbol’s over-the-top crib for your pink Friday.
    [ The Selvedge Yard ]

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