1. O.P.P. (Other People's Posts) 4.1.11


    1. Inking Wayne: Tattoo Artist Dow Hokoana
    Lil Wayne's tattoo artist interviewed by, uh.. Interview.
    [ interviewmagazine ]

    2. The Art of Rap Movie Trailer.
    Ice-T gets his Scorsese on, presents a who's-who of rap documentary.
    [ via youtube ]

    3. Wiz Khalifa's 25 Favorite Rap Albums
    If you was wondering, Wiz is apparently a big Dipset fan.
    [ complex ]

    4. Wearing Saggy Pants Linked to Erectile Dysfunction & Other Health Issues
    Believe it or not... Why saggin' hard makes it hard to get hard.
    [ hiphopandpolitics ]

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