1. WATCH: NYPD vs. Partygoers Outside Smif N Wessun / Pete Rock Event.

    WATCH: NYPD vs. Partygoers Outside Smif N Wessun/Pete Rock Event.

    What would an NYC summer be without gratuitous violence? ego trip had a swell time chatting up Anthony Bourdain and soaking in the good vibes, music, and FUBZ photography last night at the "Monumental Experience"/Smif N Wessun/Pete Rock record release soiree at Tammany Hall. Unfortunately, after we left the scene apparently all hell broke loose when NYPD showed up late in the evening under the pretense of enforcing some crowd control. Peep the above video courtesy Jay Diamond for visual documentation (around 2:00 in is when the madness begins). Epilogue by General Steele of SnW. Oh, lordy... (Cue BDP "Who Protects Us From You?").


    "It was chaos. There was no melee inside the club. Everyone was just chilling," said Barrett, 19, of Park Slope.
    [ NY POST ]

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