1. NYOIL on Devastation and Racial Tension on Staten Island in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO).


    The South Shore of Staten Island was one of the sections of New York City hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. Having grown up on the Island, NYOIL (p/k/a Kool Kim of UMC's) recently took some time out to lend a hand with the relief effort, and while doing so discussed his feelings with regards to the racial tension that's historically divided the African-American community of the north and white communities in the southern part of the borough. After recalling his own firsthand experiences with said tension, he says: "I understand suffering. And I know what hurt feel like. I know what tragedy is about. And I'm not gonna sit idly by and watch people struggle." Thought provoking stuff.


    [h/t Small Change]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • pschase

      Staten head checking in...what NYOIL says is true..even though I have some people on the South Shore, it took me a second to give a shit that Sandy hit the area like it did...props for taking the higher road

    • Andrew McIntosh

      "new york's a powder keg did I forget to mention..."