1. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition — "GRC Digs Colombia" (AUDIO).


    Fans of fantastic South American sounds por favor direct your attention to this fun-filled NYCTrust Special from the Greenwood Rhythm Coalition , who have "excavated, compiled and mixed" some festive musica explosiva direct from Colombia bound to set the party off this fine Friday evening.

    NYCTrust Special - GRC Digs Colombia by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

    GRC Digs Colombia Tracklist:
    1. Intro
2. Hugo Blanco – Cumbia en Arpa

    3. Nelson Diaz – La Navajo

    4. La Magdalena
5. Pacho Galan – Bombas y Maracas

    6. Juanes y Su Combo – Caballito Nocturno
7. Fruko El Bueno – El Muerto Vivo
8. Afredito Linares – Soul & Feeling

    9. Nelson – Bailaderos

    10. Nelson – Fantasia Latina
11. Nelson – El Forastero

    12. Los Beta 5 – El Jorobado
13. Los Orientales – Danze del Mono

    14. Wganday Kenya – Yoro
15. Abelaro Carbono y Su Grupo – Oye Muje

    16. El Polleron – Cumbia San Pablera
17. Pepe Moreno y Su All Stars – Pepe Moreno

    18. Banda Los Hijos de La Nina Luz – Fiesta Costena
19. Anibal Velasquez – Mambo Loco
20. Climaco Sarmiento – La Gaita Marciano

    21. Nelson – Charanga y Pachanga

    22. Luiz Fernando Meza – Buscándote

    (Please go here for the DOWNLOAD LINK .)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • nearly done... and... done.

      downloadin it as i type this

      typed that^^^


    • ReminderToSelfStayOffLine

      that should stop me commenting/spamming on your site for a good hour at least...

    • I Really Enjoyed That - Cheers

      that was well nice. downloaded it. gonna listen to it again. (unlike all the other free downloads i copped this week... that i'll probaly never listen to ever again.)

      whoever mixed that has some right proper tunes.



    • TheDeviant

      nice mix! I will enjoy listening to this and when my mpc is fixed will turn this into some colombian beats.

    • MomaDintWantMeButIWasStillBorn

      not Colombian, but similar vibe...

      one o my faves...

      Paquito D'Rivera - Song To My Son (Portraits Of Cuba)


    • pretend/pretentious old school

      samplin mp3s is wack

      (personal opinion)