1. Will the Real N.W.A Logo Please Stand Up?


    Birthday sa'prize, n*ggaz! This week marks the born-days of not just one but two members of "The World's Most Dangerous Group," N.W.A. Yesterday, June 14th, was MC Ren's birthday, and today, June 15th, we toast Ice Cube (Coors Light for everyone!). While combing the inna'net for images to celebrate Lorenzo and O'Shea's gemini extravaganza, a str8 up dose of reality punched us in our muthafuckin' faces: N.W.A is still everywhere . But those three letters don't automatically stand for what they used to - or what we're used to - as the following gallery of actual logos (no Photoshop tomfoolery - really doe) demonstrates. Damn, things just ain't the same for gangstas.


    NWA Mini Grand Prix

    100 miles and racin’ 4 tha kidz. (Not too fast, now.)

    NWA Technology.

    Real n*ggaz don’t die. They’re cloned.

    NWA News.com

    Newsflash: No one’s picking up a n*gga wit’ an attitude. Film at 11.

    NWA - National Weather Association.

    Today’s forecast: N.W.A’s fuckin’ up the program.

    NWA - National Wrestling Alliance.

    It’s plain to see, you can’t change me, cuz I’m a be a wrestling n*gga 4 life

    NWA - National Workforce Association.

    Mr. Wright goes to Washington… to smother your mother and tell your sister that he loves her.

    NWA - Healthy Marriages.

    One more bitch you gotta worry about.

    NWA ATV Riding Club.

    If it ain’t ruff…


    Appetite for destruction… and savings.

    Bromley Neighborhood Watch Association.

    Fuck Tha Police.

    National Watermelon Association.

    Just DO bite it!

    National WIC Association.

    It ain’t all about wealth… as long as you make a note to express yourself!

    NWA Festivals.

    NWA Pride.

    We don’t just say no, we’re too busy sayin’ “Yeah!” (to tolerance).

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Joe

      Sorry man but the n.w.a logo on the right side of the picture is the Northwest airlines logo. This airline was the forth largest airline in world before it's colapse (Merger with Delta). This Airline has been known as n.w.a since 1926 when it started long before your NWA rap group.

    • Tony Wright

      same boat as you mate ....that NWA wrestling logo is for the National Wrestling Alliance, the largest worldwide promotion

      started a full 40 years before rap was invented and still going today in a smaller capacity