1. Nothing too fancy just the Ups and Downs


    Cheap Ray Bans Just keeping in theme with that love shit... (I know what you're thinking... but she’d be bummed if I didn’t)

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://plastickid.net plastic kid


    • Chimp Slap

      Awesome! He's to Pete... helping people get laid since the 90's. Haha!

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    • http://www.360sounds.net 이진복

      아~ 너무 좋은데요~

    • rkid

      tracklist please?

    • Elisa

      I was in St. Mark's earlier getting tea and saw "I want to get laid" etched in a phone booth w/a sharpie. I will go back and write "Ups & Downs by Cool calm Peteeeeee". What up Pete!

    • Ernest

      What about some update! ;)