1. Listen to Nicky Siano's History of Legendary NYC Club The Gallery
    For RBMA Radio (AUDIO).


    Recently had the honor of interviewing the legendary Nicky Siano - owner and resident DJ at pioneering NYC club The Gallery (1973-1977) - yielding this "Story of The Gallery" retrospective for RBMA Radio . Inspired by David Mancuso's Loft, Brooklyn-raised Siano began DJ-ing at commercial venues at age 17 and quickly realized that the only way he could create the optimum party environment he envisioned was to open his own place. The Gallery would provide the desired weekly showcase for his talents - the most innovative of which (beat-matching, pitch control, EQ manipulation, use of three turntables etc.) largely became the foundational skill set of modern DJ-ing. Here, in addition to the vital Gallery who, what, why and hows, Nicky shares some pretty priceless stories (my favorites being the one about former protege/partner Larry Levan and a would-be thief after hours at the club, and a ribald NSFW tale about discovering MFSB's "Love Is the Message"). But what's always struck me as particularly poignant about this era is how much musical overlap there was in Siano's early scene and what was going on uptown around the same time - tracks like "Melting Pot," "Woman," "Give It Up Or Turn It a Loose," "Get Into Something," "Girl You Need a Change of Mind" and others appealing to both post-Stonewall party people downtown and burgeoning b-boys in the Bronx. Some records (i.e. the best records) just have a way of transcending boundaries. Yes yes y'all.

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