1. NEW MUSIC: Nas - "Nasty."

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    Replica Oakley Sunglasses Lead street single from Mr. Jones' forthcoming Life Is Good album, which sent the rap twitterati all aflutter within hours of dropping Monday evening. And with good reason: Salaam Remi on production, sampled break-beats, no chorus. Just the kind of performance that recalls skewered BBQ bars and Zebrahead Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses soundtrack singles: "Queensbridge leader, no equal/ I come from the will of Ezekial/ To pop thousand dollar bottles of scotch, smoke pot, and heal a people." Sounds conspicuously like a rejuvenation. Funny how Nas can succumb to some of the most regrettable creative choices imaginable for years at a time , and yet all it takes is one promising track like this to re-ignite hopes of a type- Illmatic return to form. Perhaps this time Life really is good? Stay tuned.

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