1. NEW MUSIC: M.E.D. ft. Hodgy Beats - "Outta Control" (Produced by Madlib).


    Perhaps it was just a matter of time before OFWGKTA and Oxnard intersected? If this ain't the first time - sue us, we don't pay that close attention to these things - hopefully, it won't be the last either. "Outta Control", a preview from M.E.D. 's forthcoming Classic dropping November 1st, finds the Stones Throw vet rhyming doing his repeat-the-song-title-on-some-mantra-shit-till-it's-thoroughly-infected-your-dome thing (which technically isn't that outta control, though we enjoy it) alongside none other than Odd Future's Hodgy Beats (who informs everyone that he won't be rhyming about his watch anytime soon). Dusted Madlib production rife with prog rock-ish synths provides the (sniff worthy) audio glue. Listen below. DL for free, and advance order the LP, here .

    M.E.D. feat. Hodgy Beats - Outta Control (Prod. by Madlib) by stonesthrow

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • East2West

      Damn Beats Hot, MED is alright, but he fucked up featuring one of them weak lil OF niggas. MED needs to fuck with Fashawn, Blu, or Maffew Raggazino, not these MTV niggas, THAT OTHER BOL SUCKS.

    • bboycult

      ^Now Cipher..Hodgy Beats caught wreck. Madlib got artistry.

    • Doubloons Magoine

      ???? Seems pretty average.