1. Negroes On Ice — “Wake up (LOAYBM )” (AUDIO).

    Prince Paul and his son P.Forreal hit you over the head with some freshness, an amusing track from their upcoming Negroes On Ice album (which you can pre-order here ). This early morning riser steps to the A.M. with a sparse yet dream-like beat that acts as the soundtrack to the start of the day in the “life of a young Black man” (in case you was wondering what the L.O.A.Y.B.M. stood for.)

    Rhymes P: “Sippin’ on some coffee, but I can’t swallow it/ Ho put milk in it, I’m lactose intolerant/ But that’s OK/ Check on my Twitter, Frank Ocean is gay/ Just more girls for me/ They want free drinks, I give ’em some pee…” In case you didn’t know, now you do, this N.O.I. album is gonna be nuts…

    “Sniffin’ on bath salts, she’s all on my case/ I told her, ‘Watch out, I’ll eat up her face’/ Mmm… that sounds really tasty/ I got big lips, no I’m not Jay-Z/ But if I worked with Kanye, I’d have him do a duet with Roxanne Shante…”

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