1. Shiznit We Slept On Vol. 22: Nasty Nas on "Video Music Box" (1993-1994).

    It's Nasty Nas circa '93-'94, on the brink of worldwide fame, being interviewed backstage at The Fever by Tuffy from Video Music Box , the essential NY basic cable rap show that has chronicled hip-hop for decades. While Nas (who is currently the talk of the town again) does sound a little faded in the clip that doesn't stop him from answering the question of who he would like to work with in the future with a surprising answer, giving an ill list of shout outs and poppin' the Dom P. (P.S. This video is only partially slept on, primarily by the ego trip West Coast Divison who still had not relocated to the Rotten Apple and, thus, was missing out. Big time. Fo' real.)

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      "Rockin at the Fever, streets was all mine..."