1. Nastee On Mixing Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” (VIDEO).

    For those who don’t know, the always entertaining Nastee has had his hand in some of rap music’s most biggest hits . The engineer/producer/DJ/ storyteller recently got with TheBeeShine and recalled hitting the studio to work on Mobb Deep’s most commercially successful song, “Quiet Storm.” As Nastee recalls, there was some mini-drama brewing behind the scenes between himself and a rival engineer, who apparently didn’t want to mess with the original Mobb tracks by adding any effects to them, like the thunder in the song’s intro.

    “I wanted it to be dramatic because of what [Prodigy] was gonna say with that first verse,” he says. “And I’m a DJ, too, so I’m thinkin’ about how the record is gonna drop and how the DJ can drop it. That’s why the snare come in — whap! – ‘I put my lifetime in between…’ Because I knew right away that if Funkmaster Flex got his hands on it, or any DJ, he’s cuttin’ that all day. And, of course, he was. So I faded the music up, dropped the snare, [then the] beat — [and made] history on the record.”

    Check the video to hear what the Infamous crew’s reaction was to hearing the final mix… and make sure to reminisce by watching the videos for “Quiet Storm” and its remix in the gallery, dunny.

    [Via TheBeeShine ]

    BONUS: Mobb Deep — "Quiet Storm" Music Video.

    (Props to prodigyHNIC2 for the upload)

    BONUS: Mobb Deep ft. Lil Kim — "Quiet Storm (Remix)" Music Video.

    (Props to TR3ZUR3 for the upload)

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