1. Shiznit We Slept On: Nas — “Nas Will Prevail” Fan Music Video (2010).

    Previously, we came across a fan-made re-do of an Eric B. & Rakim staple that utilized visual elements from one of the most popular rap movies of the ’80s . Now we stumbled upon a similar vibe, only this time it’s a demo cut from Nas (often hailed as “The Second Coming of Rakim”) set to scenes from various vintage films close to hip-hop disciples’ hearts (primarily the classics Style Wars and Beat Street again).

    The song used here is “Nas Will Prevail,” which is basically the 1991 version of “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” and was first featured on Stretch and Bobbito’s famous WKCR radio show. So have fun listening to this head-nodding Prematic number while enjoying clips from two of the best movies about hip-hop ever made.

    (Props to heavyhittas.com)

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