1. Will the Real NAS Logo Please Stand Up?

    There’s no mistaking Nasir Jones’ album covers – or the logo of his rap moniker for that matter. Besides being the King of Disco-in’ , Nas is a rap institution. But type “Nas logo” into Google and you’re as likely to find brand displays for mental institutions as you are a logo for the MC with a “ Loco-Motive ,” (y’know, as in crazy reason). Amassed here for your viewing pleasure are over a dozen Nas logos — none of which belong to the former 40th Side resident. Who’s logo is this? It’s theirs, it’s theirs, it’s theirs (and not Nas’s).


    Nas Delivery.

    Nas is coming.

    NAS Art Society.

    Made you look… at abstract paintings and sculptures.

    NAS Foods.

    Nas is like, never famished, fam.

    NAS Insurance Brokers.

    Life’s a bitch and then you die. BUT at least you’re covered.

    NAS Little League.

    Do the Wop, do the Smurf, Baseball Bat/Buttermaker like we bringin’ Bad News Bears back.

    NAS-T: Northwest Area Strike Team.

    The cause of all that mass hysteria? Nasty Nas-T in your area.

    NAS: National Association of Scholars.

    About more than blunts they’ll teach ya.

    NAS: Nevada Association Services.

    Where life is still like a dice game.

    Narcotics Affairs Section.

    Mo’ Money, Mo’ Murder, Mo’ Homicide.

    National Auto Services.

    Leanin’ on broke down cars with flat tires.

    Nas Metalcrafts.

    If Nas ruled the world (and owned this company), he could use the motto: “Destroy and Rebuild.”

    Nihon Ad Systems.

    Lookin’ for a hero? They make anime heroes.

    Norwalk Aquarium Society.

    Got Ur Self a… fish tank?

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