1. Watch Fuse’s 3-Part
    Nas Documentary Special Illmatic at 20 (VIDEO).

    Yes, it ain’t hard to tell that right about now you’re probably being inundated with more Nas Illmatic 20th anniversary tributes than spliffs you can lift and inhale (including Nas’ own film , which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival this week). Fuse’s 3-part web documentary special, Illmatic at 20 , will get you off to an excellent start. Full disclosure: extended ego trip family worked on this piece. But even if that weren’t the case we’d strongly suggest you check it since it features all-new interviews with Nas, DJ Premier , Pete Rock , Large Professor , Illmatic executive producer Faith Newman and Miss Info (who actually penned The Source magazine review that awarded the LP “5 mics” while still a fledgling journalist). Amongst the backstories revealed: how Nas convinced a reluctant Pete Rock to sing the hook on “The World Is Yours,” how Pete’s beat inspired Premier to alter his production on “Represent,” Premier’s recollection of the first verse/one take session for “NY State of Mind,” and more. Also features some priceless and rare footage of Nas and Biggie circa ’94, and Nas with Main Source circa ’91. Watch all three acts below. And for those interested in reading et’s own Chairman Mao’s accompanying text to the vid, go HERE .

    Illmatic at 20 , Part 1

    Illmatic at 20 , Part 2

    Illmatic at 20 , Part 3

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