1. Nardwuar vs. Questlove (2013).


    It's a reunion of The Human Serviette and Questo as they shoot the breeze about all things Philly, from the legendary story of the Jackson 5 's jet (and an elephant at the zoo) getting tagged by local graf icons to discussing the finer points of rap acts Tuff Crew and Cool C . But that's far from all, in this whopping, 45-minute-long interview.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • the human restraining order

      Nardwuar needs to stop bothering folk... get a real job or something.

    • Rob Stewart

      I love how he paid homage to the Tuff Crew, who by the way has the greatest DJ in the world...yes i'm serious, Too Tuff is the Greatest of All Time!