1. The Nardwuar x Pharrell “Here’s a Ho!” Remix (VIDEO).

    Those who saw Pharrell turn the tables on Nardwuar and interview him earlier this week, no doubt noticed one strange-sounding moment in which the duo goofed off over the sheet music to a rather old tune called “Here’s a Ho! Vancouver.” Enter photographer/director dude Jason Goldwatch , who took those weirdo moments to make something even weirder.

    From the twisted mind of Goldwatch: It was dark in my studio, and I was listening to [Evidence]’s new instrumental album and got my edit timeline open and just started chopping up Nard’s sounds to the beat. One layer led to another, and led to Pharrell’s cackle. It somehow got into his hands. And well, I AM OTHER dudebro. Enjoy.

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

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